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FUCK 2020 Tees

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Fuck everything about 2020. We are releasing this limited edition American Apparel shirt so that in the future when you look back on this heinous year, you might laugh as you remind yourself how bad it actually was. In addition to supporting our small business clothing line, we are also asking you to choose one other organization to support when you purchase this shirt. Upon checkout, there will be an option to select one organization you'd like us to put money towards. At the end of each month, we will tally up the results and donate 25% of each shirt sale to that organization.

The organizations are as follows:

-Fuck Trump: KIND, Kids In Need of Defense. They are helping immigrant kids that are getting mixed up in Trumps totalitarian politically charged separation of kids from their parents.

-Fuck Climate Change: Environmental Defense Fund. They are taking the science that is almost universal in how humans are altering our world, and lobbying the governments of our world to create lasting change that will hopefully slow the progress of our world's decline.


-Fuck Racism: ACLU. The American Civil Liberties Union is doing a ton of good legal work for all Americans. They are the first line of defense for battling for our constitution, and among other things, civil liberties and racial justice.

-Fuck COVID: Doctors Without Boarders. This one is pretty self explanatory. Doctors Without Boards are putting boots on the ground anywhere people are in need of medical attention and might not be able to afford it otherwise.